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Spiritual Life

The spiritual aspect of the student’s education is our highest priority. We recognize that every one of our students is on a faith journey, and we want to give space for them to grow and mature in Christ. To help minister to our students and direct them toward Christ, we hold Chapels and Small Groups on Thursdays throughout the month. Chapels are designed to provide a corporate worship experience for the students while encouraging them toward a life built upon faith in Christ. Small Groups offer a more intimate time for students to connect with their peers and teachers. Small Groups allow for deeper relationships and friendships to develop in an environment where transparency and accountability encourage the group toward intimacy with God. 
Along with Chapels and Small Groups, Fellowship Friday, a student-run club, is held. This club offers student-led worship and devotionals. Biblical literacy is also a top priority here at CCHS. Bible is a mandatory class from Freshman through Senior year, and additionally, there are numerous local to international mission trip opportunities.