Welcome to CCHS Clubs and Organizations!


High school should be one of the best times in our lives.  At Calvary Chapel we strive to provide opportunities for all students to enjoy existing areas of interest and to cultivate new ones.   Students who engage in CCHS clubs and organizations become well rounded and create lasting hobbies.  They are equipped with collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills beyond what is offered in the classroom setting. 


From the freshman that attends his first Homecoming dance to the senior who asks a classmate to Sadie Hawkins, memories are sweet to share across generations.  Pep rally competitions, formal dances, spirit weeks, dress up days and lunch time competitions build excitement on campus and abroad.  Such memories will leave a lasting imprint on our students as pictures adorn their scrapbooks, social media accounts and yearbooks for a lifetime.  In the four years spent at Calvary Chapel High School, most agree that it feels more like a family than a mere school. 


It is our prayer that your student enjoys Calvary Chapel High School Clubs and Organizations and cherish their time here.


Want to Start a Club at CCHS?

Do you have a passion for sports? art? rock climbing? helping the homeless? ASB is now accepting club/ministry applications, for any clubs that do not conflict with current CCHS clubs/ ministries. Please refer to the list of the current CCHS clubs and ministries to the right.


If your club/ ministry idea does contend with any current clubs, please download the Club Application below and fill out all the necessary information. Once you are finished, drop it off in the High School Office and ASB will begin the process in issuing you a charter.

Ms. Mackenzie Robinson
ASB Coordinator