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Graduation Course Requirements

There is a difference between high school graduation requirements and college preparatory requirements.  Make sure to meet with the guidance counselor to plan your schedule.  You can contact guidance at (714) 662-7485.
General Graduation Requirements, by Subject Area
The following sequence of high school courses is required for graduation.  A minimum of 240 credits must be completed in order to graduate. Please refer to the Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions and academic procedures.

Bible - Four years required (40 credits)

Electives - Three years required (30 credits) Starting with the Class of 2027 Two years required (20 credits)

English - Four years required (40 credits)

Health - One semester (5 credits)

History / Social Science - Three and a half years required (35 credits)

Mathematics - Three years required, all students must pass Algebra I to graduate (30 credits)

Physical Education - Two years required (20 credits)

Science - Two years required, one year of physical science and one year of life science (20 credits)

Visual & Performing Arts - One year required (10 credits)
Language other than English (LOTE)- One year required (10 credits) Starting with the Class of 2027 Two years required (20 credits)