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Graduation Course Requirements

There is a difference between high school graduation requirements and college preparatory requirements.  Make sure to meet with the guidance counselor to plan your schedule.  Guidance appointments can be made here.
General Graduation Requirements, by Subject Area
The following sequence of high school courses is required for graduation.  A minimum of 240 credits must be completed in order to graduate. Please refer to the Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions and academic procedures.

Bible - Four years required (40 credits)

Electives - Three years required (30 credits)
Beginning with the Class of 2027, two years required (20 credits)

English - Four years required (40 credits)

Health - One semester (5 credits)

History / Social Science - Three and a half years required (35 credits)

Mathematics - Three years required, all students must pass Algebra I to graduate (30 credits)

Physical Education - Two years required (20 credits)

Science - Two years required, one year of physical science and one year of life science (20 credits)

Visual & Performing Arts - One year required (10 credits)
Language other than English (LOTE)- One year required (10 credits)
Beginning with the Class of 2027, two years of the same language is required (20 credits)