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Eagle International Academy

Calvary Chapel Schools seeks to provide a supportive Christian learning environment to all international students. Adjusting to a new school environment can be challenging as well as exciting. To many international students, these challenges often involve the need for English language and academic support. In order to help our students make a successful transition from their home country to the Calvary community, we have established the Eagle International Academy (EIA), which provides enhanced English language development and academic support.


The EIA program is based on the belief that individualized English language development and academic support/tutoring will help international students. In this program, students receive academic tutoring and language training while taking regular classes. In addition, the EIA program also assists current students who would benefit from more individualized support and learning.


Students in the EIA program are guided and encouraged by a team of dedicated program advisors and teachers to facilitate the student’s best effort while addressing each student’s unique educational needs and goals.


Features & Benefits of the Eagle International Academy Program

  • Enhanced academic and support programs for each student.
  • Modified English classes for English learners for full credit.
  • Minimum of four regular high school classes.
  • Dedicated academic advisor for each student for individualized counseling/guidance.
  • Dedicated tutor for individualized academic tutoring for all classes.


These features will help students adjust and become better prepared for success at Calvary Chapel Schools.


How are students admitted to the Eagle International Academy Program?


Any new international student who does not currently meet the English proficiency standard at Calvary Chapel Schools is eligible. Any student who would benefit from individualized curriculum and academic tutoring/support is eligible.


  • The first step is to apply for admission to Calvary Chapel High School through the regular admission process. Submit all required documents including school transcript(s), medical records, TOEFL or other standardized test scores, etc.
  • Once a school application has been submitted, Calvary Chapel Schools will determine the applicant’s eligibility for the Eaglet Academy Program.


TOEFL Scores


If a student has taken an English Language Test (whether TOEFL, ITEP, ELPIS, or other), and they are below our standard of acceptance, we will require that they be enrolled into the Eaglet Academy Program if they are accepted to Calvary Chapel High School.


Length of Eagle International Academy Program


The EIA program is intended to be a single year experience. At the completion of the year, a student will progress naturally into the next grade level at Calvary Chapel High School having completed a year of English training. If, however, a student needs ongoing tutoring support, additional tutoring services are available.


Tuition for Eagle International Academy Program


The cost of the EIA program is $26,000 which includes academic tutoring for all subjects and English language training. Students who continue at Calvary Chapel High School after completing their one year of the EA program will pay the regular international student tuition rate.


Please apply to Calvary Chapel Schools as an international student to begin the process of becoming an Eagle International Academy student.