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STEAM Program


The CCHS STEAM certificate inspires learners to be agents for positive change.  We accomplish this by providing an environment encouraging learners to think critically and structure lessons emphasizing the growth of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and medicine.

Nationwide, growth in STEAM careers outpaces other occupational categories making STEAM important for future generations as occupations require problem-solving skills, innovative and creative thinking, and digital skills. The need to think critically and flexibly while adapting to a rapidly changing world becomes a vital skill set for success.

The STEAM Department establishes high expectations for all students and provides support to help them meet those expectations.

VISION: STEAM education prepares​ students to understand the local and global challenges of the 21st century while inspiring them to become lifelong learners confronting challenges and seeking solutions. Students in the program take a rigorous schedule of classes preparing them for the challenges of a 4-year university.
MISSION: To prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in the 21st-century global economy by providing the pathway for a rigorous, equitable, and accessible education in STEAM.
  • Provide all students with engaging, authentic, and rigorous experiences​
  • Provide students with a solid foundation in the content, practices, and organizing principles of science, technology, engineering, art,  mathematics, and medicine
  • Increase the number of graduates, especially those from traditionally underrepresented groups, pursuing college degrees and/or careers in STEAM fields
  • Increase the number of students accepted to 4-year universities
  • Increase science, mathematics, and technology literacy.
  • Foster the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Expand our programs each year to provide additional options and opportunities for student growth and understanding.
  • The STEAM Certificate is available for CCHS graduates and awarded upon graduation.  Please click on the link to see the qualifications and application.