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Coach Tim Linn

Tim started playing tennis in 1985 at age 27. He has been playing with the same partner since 1989 in the 5.0 division in the local area. Tim has also had the privilege of playing on many USTA teams. His greatest moment in tennis was when his team won the Senior National Title in 2009, with the match he was playing in deciding the outcome.
Tim and his wife, Sue, began coaching at Calvary Chapel in fall 1998. Tim enjoys working with a set of new players each year and looks forward to seeing the returning players again. He says he delights more in watching players win their first match or win a match they thought they could not win, than he does in his own achievements in the sport. Tim continues to coach for the satisfaction of influencing young people's lives for eternity. His greatest accomplishments in coaching come when parents say, "You've made a difference in my daughter's life." Tim's favorite quotes are, "I can't not coach," and, "We have two arms, two legs, and eternal life."
Tim and Sue have been married since 1979, and have always enjoyed coaching together. They have one son in his 30's, who is married with one son. Tim and Susie love being grandparents.