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Students Offered Success

Students Offered Support (SOS), is a program designed to aid students in homework completion.  When a student does not complete a homework assignment, the teacher prepares a slip with the date assigned for attendance in SOS and logs it into the SOS spreadsheet.

The SOS teacher peruses the spreadsheet to determine if enlisting tutoring help from a National Honor Society student is warranted, and includes information on the spreadsheet for student attendance, assignment completion and if additional help is needed.

Once assigned and given a slip, attendance is required.  A student may have a conversation with the assigning teacher if there is a scheduling conflict and a different day may be assigned.  Because SOS is not optional,  it can be reassigned to a different day.  Failure to attend results in two SOS detentions.  The third offense is Behavioral detention, and the fourth is a one-day Suspension.