Prospective Students » FAQ


Q: When are applications available?

A: Applications for the Fall semester are made available the first week of January. Applications may be filled out at any time once they have been made available.


Q: Does Calvary offer financial assistance?

A: We do offer financial grants and aid to families that qualify through FACTS. If you are interested in applying for financial grants and aid through our FACTS system, we encourage you to register and apply for financial grants and aid as soon as possible. There is a limited amount of financial grant and aid available each year and it is awarded by need and on a first come first served basis.


Q: How many students attend high school?

A: There are approximately 425 students that attend Calvary Chapel High School in grades 9 through 12.


Q: Do you have Honors, AP classes, and Dual Enrollment?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of Honors, AP classes, & Dual Enrollment. For a complete listing see our curriculum guide.


Q: What is the spiritual life on campus?

A: Bible study, prayer, and worship are a part of student life at school. Students attend Chapel weekly and Bible classes are included in our required classes for graduation. During the school day, students are encouraged to seek the Lord’s will in every situation in their lives. There are various ministry & student run fellowship groups on campus.


Q: What is the school’s dress code? 

A: Students are required to wear collared polo shirts, pants, jeans, and shorts to the knee. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for details.


Q: When does your school year start and end?

A: We operate on a traditional school year, August– May.


Q: What sports do you offer?

A: CCHS offers 19 CIF sports:

  • Fall: Boys' and Girls' Cross Country, Football, Girls' Tennis, Girls' Volleyball, Girls' Golf, Cheer
  • Winter: Boys' & Girls' Basketball, Boys' & Girls' Soccer, Wrestling
  • Spring: Baseball, Boys' Volleyball, Boys' Golf, Softball, Boys' and Girls' Swimming, Boys' and Girls' Track & Field


Q: Do you offer after-school activities?

A: All of our athletic teams practice or compete after school at various locations during the week. Some of the campus clubs will also meet after school. We offer a Drama Production each semester.


Q: How old is the high school?

A: The high school opened its doors in 1987, we celebrated our 30th anniversary at the 2017 Homecoming Event!


Q: Do you have a community service requirement?

A: There is a community service requirement of 16 hours per year.


Q: Do you have a bus or transportation system?

A: Calvary Chapel Schools operates a few buses for our athletic teams and field trips, but we do not provide residential service.


Q: Do you offer formal accommodations for students with a documented Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

A: We do not offer formal accommodations for students with an IEP. In some circumstances, we may be able to offer informal accommodations such as extended testing time. The Administration makes these decisions on an individual basis.


Q: Do you partner with a Christian home school program?

A: Yes, Calvary Chapel Private School Program (CCPSP) is an independent program where you determine your curriculum and the direction for your student. For more information call (714) 549-8727 or email [email protected].


Q: Do you have carpools? Are students allowed to park on campus? 

A: Parents interested in carpooling may submit an information card. The carpool information cards are indexed by the city and then made available to parents to refer to in the elementary school office. Parents may then make their own contacts and arrangements. High school students who drive to school must obtain a parking permit and park in designated areas.


If you have additional questions, we would be happy to connect with you! Please call the school office at (714) 662-7485.