Flannel Dress Up Day (outerwear only, polo required)

Flannel Dress Up Day (outerwear only, polo required)

Flannel Friday DRESS CODE

This is not a free dress day. Students who decide not to participate are to be dressed according to the regular school dress code.


* On Friday (11/17/23) students are permitted to wear a flannel as outerwear over their polo

* All students must wear a CCHS polo underneath their flannel

* Regular dress code applies for pants

* No pajamas are permitted

* All regular dress code regulations apply (ie no pajamas, sweats, inappropriate logos, etc)



* Must not violate overall dress code guidelines

* Pajamas may not be worn

* Should not advertise secular rock groups, alcohol, drugs, sex, hate, or contain offensive material.

* Hats may not be worn in class.

* Sunglasses, beanies, bandanas or sweatshirt hoods are for outside.

* Undergarments should not be visible on male or female students.

* No body or nose piercings other than a small stud or side ring. No septum piercing.

* Tattoos should not contain offensive or demonic images.

* Hair should be of a natural color. Exaggerated or extreme colors are not permitted. No mohawks, mohawk ponytails, or skinheads. The Administration will determine if a student’s hairstyle violates school policy.

* No earrings/plugs/gauges on boys that extend beyond the natural earlobe.

* Skirts, shorts, or skorts that are allowed on special dress days should reach the top of the knee.

* No sheer clothing, tank tops, fishnet, plunging necklines, low cut tops, or bare midriffs are allowed.

* Leggings or tights may only be worn under loose fitting, mid length shorts.

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