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Summer School & Enrichment

We love hosting summer opportunities for our students! Stay tuned for this coming summer's enrichment opportunities. Details for the summer of 2023 are forthcoming. Check out what we offered in the summer of 2022:


Summer School 2022 Information

Semester 1: June 27 - July 15

Semester 2: July 18- August 5


CCS Summer School Policy

1. CCS 2022-2023 Enrollment must be completed before consideration for summer school.

2. Full Summer School course payment is required by the first day (billed through FACTS), or you will be dropped from the course.



If I sign up for a course am I guaranteed it will be offered? No, summer courses will only be created if the minimum number of students enroll in a course. The minimum number required varies by course.

How do I pay for summer school? Payment for summer courses will be billed through FACTS. The entire amount for the course will be billed on the first day of summer school, June 28th. A one-semester course (3 weeks) is $425.00, and a one-year course (6 weeks) is $850.00.

Do I need a textbook for summer courses? Yes, see your instructor regarding textbook requirements.

What technology will be required? Students will need to have access to Google Classroom and the Parent/Student Portal.

Will classes be on campus? Yes, dependent upon the instructor. There may be a combination of live and online work done during the summer.

Do classes meet every day? Yes, dependent upon the instructor, courses will typically run Monday through Friday, or Monday through Thursday.

When should I schedule my vacation? Summer school is accelerated so it is important that students attend class every day. The three-week summer session ends on July 16th, the six-week summer session ends on August 6th.

When do I need to sign up for summer school? The deadline to sign up for summer school is Friday, June 3rd.