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Vanguard University Dual Enrollment

As with Advanced Placement courses, research on dual enrollment programs has found positive outcomes for students enrolled in these classes. Some of these benefits include:

  • increased student college enrollment
  • increased college graduation rates
  • greater credit accumulation
  • higher college GPA
  • better college preparation

An important component of success in this program is your participation in your student’s academic development. Here are some important things to be aware of when helping your child make class selections for the coming school years.

  1. These are college courses taught at CCHS by qualified high school staff with Master's degrees approved as adjunct faculty by Vanguard University (VU). The instructors follow the syllabus provided by the university, making adjustments, as needed, to the timing and content of the course. Students still complete the types of assignments associated with this course at VU. Upon passing the course, students will earn college credit and are able to request a transcript from the university. Students will also receive weighted credit at CCHS for grades of C- and above.
  2. Many of these courses have numerous papers, including research papers, as a part of the required coursework. Students will be expected to write at a college level characterized by excellent research; excellent thought and organization; excellent composition; and few spelling, typographical, or syntactic errors.
  3. Due dates for all assignments appear on the Course Syllabus and on the course website.
  4. Following the syllabus and referring to it on a regular basis is essential for success in any college class.
  5. All grades will be available on Vanguard's course website. Monitoring the grades is essential since college courses typically have fewer assignments than high school courses.
  6. These courses have a very small window of time in which they can be dropped, per university policy, after the first day of class, students may drop a class within the first two weeks and will receive a W (withdraw) on their transcript. After two weeks all drops receive a grade of F regardless of the current grade in the class.

We know many students are able to be successful in taking a college class and are excited about the prospect of taking one of our new course offerings. Courses are open to all juniors and seniors. Prior to the start of class, your student will be given an application form to complete as part of the enrollment process at Vanguard University. Once enrolled, they will also receive a username and password that will enable them to have access to the course website. Information on required textbooks will be communicated with the enrolled student. We pray that you will be as excited as we are about this new opportunity that will enhance our existing curriculum and challenge our students in college-level courses taught from a Christian worldview.